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Cutlery Range

Please note that the color effects of our cutlery is achieved by applying a thin layer of Titanium Nitride coating on the silver stainless steel bodies. While all cutlery is dishwasher safe, we do recommend you hand wash your color cutlery to slow down the fading of color. Please refer to our Product Info & Care page for more product and care information. 



Classic is our most popular range. It comes in 5 different color/effect: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Sanding Gold. This range has heavy body weight, wide handle and a simple but elegant design. All color styles come in 24 pcs (6 settings) gift/storage boxes. Silver color is also available in loose pieces, great value for hospitality industry. 


Classic silver.2qTableware Silver cutlery set


Classic gold.1qTableware Gold cutlery set

Rose Gold

Classic rose gold.2qTableware Rose Gold cutlery set

Sanding Gold

qTableware Sanding Gold cutlery setqTableware Sanding Gold Cutlery.2


qTableware Black cutlery setqTableware cutlery box



Edge range is another popular range. It has standard body weight and a round pressed edge along the handles. It is available in 16 pcs (4 settings) gift box as well as loose pieces.

Edge silver.1Edge silver.2 

16 PCS Gift Box (4 settings)

Edge 16 pcs gift box.116 pcs gift box.1



Pointy range has a modern pointy design. It has silver and gold color. A great value range for high turnover uses. Gold color is available in 16 pcs (4 settings) gift box and silver color is available in standard box or loose pieces.


Pointy Silver.1Pointy silver.2


Pointy gold.1Pointy gold.2

16 PCS Gift Box (4 settings)

Pointy 16 PCS Gift Box (4 settings)16 PCS Gift Box (4 settings)



Casual range has a relax casual design. It has both silver and rose gold color. A great value range for high turnover uses. Rose gold color is available in 16 pcs (4 settings) standard box. Silver color comes in loose pieces only.


Casual silver.1Casual silver.2


Casual rose gold.1Casual rose gold.2



Melody range has a heart shaped design along the handles. It has heavier body weight and an exquisite look. This range is available in 24 pcs (6 settings) gift box as well as loose pieces.

Melody silver.1Melody silver.2



Square range has standard body weight and square shaped handles. Currently only has table fork and spoon available in loose pieces. If you are interested in other matching items, please feel free to contact us. 

Square silver.1Square silver.2



These spoons are our best sellers. The Heart Tea Spoon has a curvy body, a little heart shaped at the end of the handle and a round spoon head. Square Tea Spoon has square head with a lined handle. Both tea spoons are slight smaller than a standard tea spoon, making them very sleek and special. The Soda Spoon has a plain body design and a slim and long handle. These products come in loose pieces in a pack of 10.

Spoons silver.1Spoon heart shapeSpoon square shapeSpoon soda



These serving forks and spoons match the deigns of the Classic and Edge ranges, two of our very popular products. These products come in loose pieces in a pack of 4 (two serving forks and two serving spoons).

Serving fork & spoon.1Serving fork & spoon.2