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White Round Dinner Set 16 pcs


Set includes 4 x 10.5" dinner plate, 4 x 8" salad plate, 4 x 5.5" bowl, 4 x 12oz mug.


This is our new gorgeous magnesia fine china range. Magnesia fine china/porcelai uses silicate minerals that are rich in magnesium talc as main raw clay material and is fired at high temperature of over 1300 Celsius.


Magnesia porcelain tableware has pretty crystal white color, unique high strength and high thermal stability. They are acid and alkali resistance, contains no lead, and are easy to wash. They are also suitable for machine wash, high temperature steaming, microwave heating and other modern lifestyles.


Magnesia porcelain tableware is very popular and desirable tableware for modern home and high-end hotel/restaurant.

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